Service Times


You can come to church in Mornings or evenings, though we really would love having you here all of the time!

Just a pick a time that’s convenient for you, and then click on the map below to get customized directions.

Our morning service starts at 10 a.m, and we also have an identical service (well, alllllmost identical) at 11:30. Sunday morning services generally last about an hour, though the second morning service make go a little longer. You are free to stay for as long as you want to. (though we really hope you hang around for the fellowship)!

Our Mid week service is on Wednesdays from 7pm till about 8:30. Most people dress extremely casual during the midweek service.  You are free to dress any way you want at any service.  Most of our congregants dress slightly dressier in the Sunday service, with men typically wearing non-denim pants, and women wearing skirts, dresses or dress pants. How you look is not important to us. We’re a church, not a fashion show!

church directions

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